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Let us introduce ourselves. We are Super-TechTerrific Teacher and Safeguardian. And, together, we are… NetSupport DNA Superheroes!

Our mission is to harness the power of technology to save our schools money and time, PLUS advance digital education and learning outcomes, whilst safeguarding students.

The supervillains we’re trying to conquer take all sorts of forms: from faults on the network, the misuse of IT equipment and USB sticks, to unauthorised access to inappropriate websites, online games being played in class or dodgy searched-for content being viewed.

Our HQ…

The DNA Superheroes’ headquarters is cunningly hidden inside the solution itself and its nerve centre is the dashboard in NetSupport DNA where the technology alerts us all to the activities that require our intervention.

Our operations room is where we store all of the IT management, teaching and safeguarding tools and weapons that we need to make sure our school technology runs as efficiently as possible, our students are engaged with the most up-to-date tech and are kept protected and safe as they learn.

Our command centre is where we issue the commands necessary to keep everything running smoothly. From here, we carry out tasks like scheduling the devices to switch off at the end of the day to save on utility bills and manage all of our hardware and software licences, making sure that we’re informed of their status at all times.

Our data repository is a mind-bogglingly high-tech place where every scrap of data from every single device is kept. Not only is device information kept here, but so is a record of all the safeguarding data. The details of concerns reported by students are kept in a super-secure part, so only chosen safeguarding superheroes can see them.

Our superhero profiles

I’m Super-Tech and my domain is NetSupport DNA’s IT Asset Management and tech tools. For me to do my job, it’s crucial I know exactly what’s happening everywhere on our network so I can prevent and react to any issues immediately. I use my IT muscles to neutralise network threats and defuse any issues before they become problems, therefore saving money and time for my school!

My favourite DNA weapon is the proactive alerting suite. This tool will alert you to changes in the data gathered by DNA, such as new PCs being added, hardware or software changes, key services (such as antivirus) being stopped or security notifications – allowing you to act swiftly to zap bad situations before they occur.

Other tools I use: application meteringhardware inventorysystem audit – plus a multitude more!

My name is Terrific Teacher. My realm is the classroom management part of NetSupport DNA that contains all the teaching, monitoring and collaboration features. With my special learning lasso, I capture different digital teaching and learning tools from the huge range on offer to use with my students; keeping them engaged and on-task.

My favourite device is the gamified Q&A module. You can use this to reinforce key learning points from lessons and gauge students’ understanding in a fun and inclusive way. There are lots of different questioning modes to try, but the good thing is that it’s all designed according to Ofsted best practice – ensuring your students will be best in class!

Other tools I use: digital learning journalsvirtual whiteboardssend and collect documents – plus many more!

Greetings educators! I’m Safeguardian. I move silently through the school, operating incognito to shield students from internet badness and keep them safe as they use school technology. DNA’s Safeguarding Module is my dedicated area. It’s packed with trailblazing technology like algorithms and neurolinguistics components to help me carry out my superhero duties!

My favourite DNA weapon is the keyword and phrase monitoring tool. Using this, you can track what students are searching for, typing or copying – and even if there are students in the school whose first language is not English, NetSupport DNA can monitor and protect them too through its special language packs.

You can also liberate teachers from full in-boxes of alerts by using the software to deliver easy-to-view word clouds of trending topics instead.

Other tools I use: report a concernself-service safeguarding contact listsreview triggered events – plus much more!

Learn more

Superhero staff already work at thousands of schools across the world. Unlock your staff’s superpowers with a NetSupport DNA licence key for your school!

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