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One of the defining characteristics of the education space is a willingness to share. I try and model that mindset and enjoy writing about topics close to my heart of where i have heard of any combined successes and failures.  I am very fortunate to be able to share these on a broad church of publications and platforms and these  articles cover topics as diverse as  Digital Strategy, EdTech insights, Safeguarding, Governance, Data Protection, AR, Digital Disruption and broader School Strategies for growth.

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My Secret #EdTech Diary

Looking at Educational Technology through a wider lens.
Author: Al Kingsley    ISBN10: 1913622630       ISBN13: 978-1913622633 

With 30+ years’ experience developing and using EdTech products, distilled down into an easy-to-read format, My Secret EdTech Diary aims to get you thinking about the past, present and future role of educational technology and how it influences and shapes our education system. My Secret EdTech Diary reflects on the history of EdTech, lessons learned pre and post-Covid, best practice suggestions, how to select the right solutions and the questions you need to consider before pursuing your digital ambitions.

With unique insights from an Educators’ and Vendors’ perspective, advice for budding EduPreneurs, guidance for schools considering how to co\-produce technology solutions with vendors and how to make the right choices, Al aims to shine a light on Educational Technology through the widest possible lens. With links to research, insights from trusted peers, quick ready-reckoner checklists, questions you need to be asking, alongside voices aligned from the sector, this book aims to get you up to speed and thinking big picture EdTech.


A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education.

Authors:  Al Kingsley and Mark Anderson. Version 3 > 2021

With the disruption to education caused by COVID-19 and an uncertain educational future ahead, it’s more crucial than ever that all school stakeholders can come together effectively to create a digital strategy that incorporates how EdTech can be used effectively in-school and remotely.

Recent events have prompted the authors of the immensely popular ‘Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education’ – Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) and Al Kingsley (Chair of a multi-academy Trust and MD of NetSupport) – to update the guide to take account of the new landscape schools now have to navigate.




Why we can't turn our back on EdTech

Children & Young People Now Magazine –  May 22
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The Digital Divide

International Teacher Magazine – Apr 22
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Top Tips For Schools To Enhance Internet Safety

Children & Young People now magazine –  Feb 22
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Change The Narrative

International Teacher Magazine –  August 21
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Thrive Global Magazine – Aug 2021
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Online safety is paramount

The HeadTeacher Magazine – Aug 2021
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Avoiding Post-COVID EdTech Failure

Education IT Reporter – July 21
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Not being Clouded by the Cloud

American Consortium for Equity in Education – May 2021
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5 Tips For Keeping Students Focused And Engaged When Learning Remotely

Teach MiddleEast Magazine – Apr 2021
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3 big questions schools should ask edtech developers

eSchool News Magazine – Mar 2021
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Practice makes perfect with EdTech for teachers

Primary School Management Magazine – Dec 2020
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Economical EdTech

Education Executive Magazine – Feb 2020
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Plan your edtech strategy

Primary School Management Magazine – Jan 2020
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Authors:  Al Kingsley 

SchoolTrustee site is a resource full of articles I have written on all aspects of School Governance, ranging from Finance and Technology, to best practice, scheduling the annual cyle of a governing body, MAT structures and Ofsted compliance.

It is intended as a free resource to share best practice and ideas with other school leaders.

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