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ISBN-10: 1913622639
ISBN-13: 978-1913622633

EdTech Book

β€œAl is a pioneer in transforming school learning but has also been a consistent support for many of us working in the sector - he quietly champions the small fish whilst having a huge global impact. The nicest man in EdTech.”

Ben Whitaker, Director, EduFuturists

β€œIf you want advice about educational technology, from strategy support down to the implementation of one platform, Al is the man to go to. HIs friendly and honest advice has helped us help our teachers overcome many a challenge.”

Linda Parsons, Digital Lead

β€œAl has been one of the most helpful, influential and supportive individuals in the global EdTech scene for several years now. He has not only championed those who have led the way on the embracing of EdTech in schools but has been a vocal champion for helping to find the digital superstars of the future!”

Abid Patel, Trust IT Director

With 30+ years’ experience developing and using EdTech products, distilled down into an easy-to-read format, as an EdTech book, my Secret #EdTech Diary aims to get you thinking about the past, present and future role of educational technology and how it influences and shapes our education system.

My Secret #EdTech Diary reflects on the history of EdTech, lessons learned pre and post Covid, best practice suggestions, how to select the right solutions and the questions you need to consider before pursuing your digital ambitions.


With unique insights from an Educators’ and Vendors’ perspective, advice for budding EduPreneurs, guidance for schools considering how to co-produce technology solutions with vendors and how to make the right choices, Al aims to shine a light on Educational Technology through the widest possible lens.

With links to research, insights from trusted peers, quick ready-reckoner checklists, questions you need to be asking, alongside voices aligned from the sector, this EdTech book aims to get you up to speed and thinking big picture EdTech.

In an effort to make EdTech accessible for all, the book is written to give even a technology novice an easy and accessible overview of EdTech, what some of the trending terms mean, what questions to ask and to help them join the debate confident and from a position of knowledge.Β 

β€œAl is a shining light of the EdTech world. He is a fantastic advocate of EdTech collaboration between school leaders, education systems and the EdTech industry. Al champions and creates opportunities for teachers, school leaders and EdTech suppliers to work-together constructively to share knowledge and best-practice.”
Β Caroline Wright – Director General, British Educational Suppliers Association

β€œβ€¦.the book covers more information than I thought possible which makes it an excellent introduction for new teachers and overview for veterans. The author is humble but knowledgeable, never talking over the head of new teachers or down to established ones.”  Β Jacqui Murray

β€œEducation is too important to leave to chance and in his book, The Secret #EdTech Diary, Kingsley helps bring brand-new perspectives to the conversation about whether technology has a place in education. With many moral imperatives in education to do right by the children, families and communities we serve, Al’s experience from both sides of the fence as the Chair of large Multi-Academy trusts, a trusted voice in education and an EdTech vendor with more than 30 years of successful deployment and development, shine through as the North Star many need in our schools.

So, whether you’re looking for advice on purchasing, looking to avoid EdTech deployment mistakes of the past or simply looking for advice on how best to make IT work in your school, this book is for you. Moreover, the salient, timely, balanced and considered advice and wisdom shared has never been needed more or had more relevance for schools and school leaders. Miss out at your peril! β€œΒ  –Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist

About the author.

Al has spent the last 30 years in the EdTech space and 20 of those as a school trustee and governor.

He is Group CEO of NetSupport Ltd, an internationally acclaimed EdTech vendor, and has lived and worked in both the UK and US. He is Chair of 2 Academy Trusts and Chair of an alternative provision Academy, all in the East of England.

Alongside these roles, Al also sits on the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Head Teachers board for the East of England and North-East London and is an independent Chair of the county’s SEND board.

As a firm supporter of lifelong learning, he is also a regional Apprenticeship Ambassador and Chair of the Employment & Skills board for his region’s combined authority.

An active writer about all things EdTech, Al is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and sits on the advisory council for the Foundation for Education Development.

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