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I’ve been lucky enough over the last 30 years to acquire experience and skills in a range of topics across the gamut of the Education space,  I love to talk and of course write about these and have been fortunate enough to have been asked to share my thoughts at events around the world and online for podcasts and radio.

Presenting and Podcasts :
A selection of interviews and keynotes are included below.

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RECENT PODCAST Interviews and Presentations by Al Kingsley

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Individual Episodes

May 2021In this episode Toria talks to Al about all things Education and Technology, what keeps him motivated, reflection on the last year, his different roles in education and shares a sneak preview of his new book “My Secret EdTech Diary” Al is CEO of NetSupport, Chair of a number of Multi Academy Trusts in the East of England and an RSC Head Teacher’s Board member.

Individual Episodes

May 2021A discussion with YouTube hosts (among MANY other things) Al Kingsley, Ashlee Fox and Cory Hurst, around the value of EdTech and the power of sharing content via YouTube. There’s also the usual Cryptic EdTech Quiz and of course, Horner’s Corner.

April 2021 –  Guest on The SecEd podcast as a panel talking about Safeguarding practices in schools. This episode offers a wealth of practical insights, advice and ideas for effective safeguarding practice in schools. We look at general good safeguarding practice as well as safeguarding during Covid-19.

Panellists’ are Elizabeth Rose, a former secondary designated safeguarding lead and local authority safeguarding in education advisor who is now an independent safeguarding consultant; Paddy Smith, assistant vice principal responsible for student welfare at Bede Academy in Northumberland; Rachael Adderley, assistant headteacher and the designated safeguarding lead at Brune Park Community School in Gosport & Al Kingsley, chair of the Hampton Academies Trust & the KWEST Trust as well as CEO at #EdTech company NetSupport.

March 2021 –  Guest on The Tech for Good show talking about strategies and approaches for using #EdTech in the right ways to support schools adapting to the new landscape, as well as how NetSupport has responded to the pandemic and a few personal insights from Al.

March 2021 –  Guest on Teach Middle East  show talking about School Digital Strategy Journeys- How COVID-19 Has Re-Shaped Our Plans.

April 2021 –  Guest on on the EdTech Ignite show with Craig Kemp talking about all things EdTech, lessons learned and a bit more about Al’s many hats.

January 2021 –  Guest on the Edufuturists show talking about Learning during Lockdown, Remote Teaching and Learning and much more.
The Edufuturists exlore the future of education through broadcasts, resources and training at

December 2020 –  Guest on Show talking about Leadership, Covid, Digital Strategy, Remote Learning, Apprenticeships and more.
LearningDust aims to promote harmonious relationships between teachers, technicians and leadership teams in schools

November 2020 – Mark Taylor from the National Association of Primary Educators, talks with Al Kingsley about EdTech – Covid and beyond.

October 2020 – Director of NAHT policy, James Bowen speaks to author, public speaker and managing director of NetSupport, Al Kingsley about the future of technology to support learning. We also consider the challenges blended and remote learning can cause, including addressing the digital divide and ensuring students are safe online. 

January 2020 – Dr.Rod Berger talks with Al Kingsley to deconstruct and question the digital strategies of today in schools.

September 2020 – SecEd Magazine Editor Philip Henshaw discusses with Al Kingsley, Paul Haigh and Bukky Yusef Remote Learning,  Teaching and learning and Covid lessons.

Capturing Student Learning

EduFuturist – Google Podcast
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Interview with Al Kingsley

EduFuturist – Google Podcast
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More coming soon

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July 2020– SecEd Magazine Editor Philip Henshaw discusses with Al Kingsley, Paul Haigh and Alex Smith all things EdTech & Digital Strategy planning in education.

July 2019– Tech Teacher podcast interview with Al Kingsley.

Ongoing– As well as being a guest on a range of online shows, Al also co-hosts a new live format show, showcasing the latest new “educator led” products and services across the sector.

“Great musical analogies from @AlKingsley_Edu  explaining why #DigitalStrategy is now more relevant than ever.”

Global EdTech Conference 2021

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