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I’ve been lucky enough over the last 30 years to acquire experience and skills in a range of topics across the gamut of the Education space,ย  I love to talk and of course write about these and have been fortunate enough to have been asked to share my thoughts at events around the world and online for podcasts and radio.

Presenting and Podcasts :
A selection of interviews and keynotes are included below.

โ€œAl ran a brilliant session for our Digital Leads. He took time to understand our needs and managed to deliver a session that was useful and relevant for our nursery schools through to our secondary schools (a difficult task!). Alโ€™s wealth of knowledge and experience is clear and weโ€™re delighted he was able to join our forumโ€
Emma Espin

Assistant Educational Director and Head of Blended Learning, Alpha Plus group of schools

Digital Strategy
Data Protection
School Finance

RECENT PODCAST Interviews and Presentations by Al Kingsley

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July 2022– Al presenting at the LGFL celebration conference.

November 2021– Evo Hannan on the The EdTalk Stories show interviews Al Kingsley.

October 2021– The EdTech Show interview with Al Kingsley.

May 2022– Carl Ward, the Foundation for Education Development interview with Al Kingsley.

May 2022– The International Congress of Arabic Publishing & Creative Industries

October 2021– The eLearning Podcast interview with Al Kingsley.

October 2021– The Edufuturists interview with Al Kingsley.

June 2021– My EdTech Life interview with Al Kingsley.

ย Hosting– As a bit of a change on occasions, as below, i get asked to host events that are close to my interests, in this case the regional Apprenticeship awards. The sound quality and production quality by the event organisers wasn’t exactly perfect, but you carry on no matter.

Ongoing– As well as being a guest on a range of online shows, Al also co-hosts a new live format show, showcasing the latest new “educator led” products and services across the sector.

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