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Making the complex world of school governance simple and accessible to all. The bestselling book is a step by step guide for all school governors and trustees. 
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School Governance Handbook

“Al is a pioneer in transforming school learning but has also been a consistent support for many of us working in the sector - he quietly champions the small fish whilst having a huge global impact. The nicest man in EdTech.”

Ben Whitaker, Director, EduFuturists

“Al has a comprehensive knowledge of governance at every level and was my go to person for help. His approach to existing Trustees was both friendly and supportive, offering strong guidance tinged with a good sense of humour.”

Paul Rout, Trust Chair

“Al is a breath of fresh air - constantly sharing learning, always offering a supportive hand and continually pushing out his positivity!”

Drew Povey, Education Leadership Specialist

"Al’s work in governance across a variety of settings and demonstrating local leadership in the field continues to be a valuable source of expertise for governing bodies to access"

George Hayes,

Strategic Lead for Governance (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough)

MY SCHOOL Governance  HANDBook

With nearly two decades of school governance experience across Infant, Primary, Secondary, All Through and Alternative Provision schools and academies, distilled into an easy-to-read format, My School Governance Handbook aims to make the complex world of school governance simple and accessible to all.


This book will take you step by step through the basics of school governance, what the role entails and what you need to know. It explains how schools and multi academy trusts are structured, the key areas of school life you need to understand, relevant questions to ask and finally, includes a handy dictionary to help you navigate your way through all those pesky education acronyms.

Including ideas and guidance from other experienced governors across the UK, My School Governance Handbook is the perfect companion for any school governor.

“I first met Al in 2020 when he provided support to our failing MAT. From the start he gave me invaluable assistance allowing for a successful transfer to a new MAT. Al has a clear vision of child focused education, and his depth of knowledge in all things educational was priceless.


Al has a comprehensive knowledge of governance at every level and was my go to person for help. His approach to existing Trustees was both friendly and supportive, offering strong guidance tinged with a good sense of humour.”

Pre-Release Book Reviews of My School Governance Handbook


“Al Kingsley’s Governance Handbook is an excellent and welcome resource for school governors or trustees – whether starting out or experienced in the role. It’s really comprehensive, well written and very approachable” 
– Neil Collins, MD, GovernorHub

My School Governance Handbook” is a great resource for anyone starting their governance journey and wondering what they need to know first. If you’re already a governor, it will help you think about the broader activities going on and how you can improve further.
– Hannah Stolton, CEO, Governance for Schools

“What a great read – all resources in one place! This book is fantastic for anyone already supporting schools and trusts or for those interested in school governance. This book will hopefully inspire others and provide the tools and confidence to those interested in getting involved..” “
– Emily Culpin, Governance Professional, Hampton Academies Trust

“This book is an excellent governance handbook written by a highly effective and successful school governor and trustee.
It is essential reading for any experienced or would be governor of schools or trusts allowing them to understand the complexity of the education landscape, and create a blueprint for their own education governance journey.

“Written in an informative, lucid and engaging style, I highly recommend it to the many volunteers engaged in supporting schools, colleges and trusts
– Carl Ward, Chair, Foundation for Educational Development (FED) 

“First off, the book is brilliant.  It’s the book I wish I could have read and recommended when I was juggling multiple governing bodies.  Thank you for writing it
– Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Mental Health Speaker, Author and Advisor. 

 Whether you are just exploring what you may be able to bring to a school or MAT as a governor or trustee, or have already set off on your governance journey, “My School Governance Handbook” will prove to be an invaluable source of information for you.

Al has very ably distilled a wealth of information in this accessible guide which should be essential reading for all who wish to ensure that good governance is at the heart of all that we seek to achieve for our children and young people
Mark Potter, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Thomas Deacon Education Trust


“Overall, “My School Governance Handbook” by Al Kingsley is a must-have book for anyone who is involved in running a school. It gives you a complete and useful guide to the legal and regulatory frameworks as well as the day-to-day challenges of school governance. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their understanding and effectiveness in this important field.” HeadTeachers Chat – Read here

About the author.

Al Kingsley

Al has spent the last 30 years in the EdTech space and 20 of those as a school trustee and governor.

He is Group CEO of NetSupport Ltd, an internationally acclaimed EdTech vendor, and has lived and worked in both the UK and US. He is Chair of a Multi Academy Academy Trusts and Chair of an Alternative Provision Academy, all in the East of England.

Alongside these roles, Al also sits on the Regional Schools Commissioner’s advisory board for the East of England and North-East London and is an independent Chair of the county’s SEND board.

As a firm supporter of lifelong learning, he is also a regional Apprenticeship Ambassador and Chair of the Employment & Skills board for his region’s combined authority.

An active writer about all things Education and Governance, Al is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and sits on the advisory council for the Foundation for Education Development.

Al Kingsley

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