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Really pleased to announce the launch of our new Digital Strategy guide for schools and MATs that I have co-authored with Mark Anderson ( @ICTevangelist).

Every school identifies that it has a need for technology. And technology used in the right way can have a positive impact. But at the same time, with financial budgets and pressures on schools, it’s difficult to know – and choose – where those precious pennies are best spent. With a well-developed digital strategy, schools can ensure investment along the way is made with an eye to the end game and hopefully mistakes can be avoided. As with every strategy, if everyone is on board from the beginning, it has a much greater chance of success.

The intention of the guide is to provide a brief overview of all of the interlocking stakeholders who need to play a part in delivering a successful digital strategy for a school, and focuses on the things they should be considering, the questions they should be asking and what, ultimately, they are defining as their measure of impact. This aligns very much with Ofsted’s new framework of ‘Intention, Implementation and Impact’ (known as The Three I’s).

Download your free copy today from here :-

Special thanks to industry specialists for their contributions…

Alan Mackenzie, Traci Good, James Donaldson, Olly Lewis, Caroline Wright, BESA, Tony Sheppard, John Paul Szkudlapski, Karl Denton, Ty Goddard and Russell Prue.

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